How about a party, yeah?
| Johnny | 18 | Male. | Taken | Bipolar Disorder |

Hello there, human. I'm Johnny. I'm the Bipolar guy who has an addiction to his antidepressants. I have the perfect boyfriend, ♥Tannar♥. I have the greatest and bestest friends. ~Georgia, Ali~ I am mainly a the 'high' phases but the 'low' gets pretty.. Scary... And don't forget that I LOVE parties... ~Which are usually planned by my friends and I.
OOC: I love you guys so much. :Hugs you all tightly: I'm going to miss you. ♥
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♪♫♪♫ Once Upon A Time BOO, it's me. Rawr, that's him. Ali and I ONLY Truth or Dare

Sexy Boyfriend || Tahnny

Johnny stripped from what he was wearing, all but his shorts. He walked to Tannar’s and walked in showing him he only had his shorts on. “Is this what you wanted, babe?”